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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here I is....

I'm still alive! Lots going on in my corner of the world *lol*! I got a new job and have been busy with orientation and training. I'm a cashier at a small town grocery store! I love it (so far) and it's perfect for me! I'll be working 3 days a week (8 hour shifts) - every now and then 4 days a week, but for the most part - 3 days, that's it! Did I say PERFECT! I'm happy with that! I can work AND play! WoOhOo!

I haven't forgotten about the Give Away and here's what I'm gonna do! On Raggedy Ann's Birthday - September 7th I will draw names for the Pattern Prizes - regardless of how many followers I have! I'm just feeling generous and want to celebrate Annie's birthday ~ so that's what I will do!

You still have time to spread the word about this Blog Event Blog: RAGS and tell your friends! :) Also - grab the bloggy button and post it on your side bar or in a post on YOUR blog and come back and leave a comment telling me you've done so! Remember your name goes in twice if you post the RAGS button on YOUR blog! :)

RECAP: September 7th I will drawn names and post the winners on the evening of September 7th!
Be sure to come back and see if you've won!

I've purchased patterns from Kellie @ Chestnut Junction . Kellie has given me permission to buy the Prize patterns and ship them out to the winners! Thanks Kellie! WoOhOo! I just love sharing Annie - I think every gal shall have an Annie! That's another Give Away altogether! PLUS- I'm brain storming for a Halloween Blog event ... so stay tuned for details on that!

Have a beautiful day folks - it's ALMOST September 1st. Can you believe that?! Wow!

Toodles - ~S~


  1. Hi, Sandy ~
    It's nice to see you blogging again :)

  2. stopping in to say hello! I have had your button on my sidebar for a little while your blog!


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