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Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome to R.A.G.S. . . .

Welcome to R.A.G.S. ~ Raggedy Ann Girls Society.

If you're a new visitor - I welcome you with open arms ... glad to have you!
If you've been re-directed from the old blog Raggedy Ann Blog Party ~ Welcome Back! :P

The old blog: will be removed soon - R.A.G.S. is the new home!
1) it's no longer 2009 *lol*
2) it's easier to manage 2 blogs under the same "home" email (I'm sure those that have more than 1 blog can understand)

Not many changes happening - I'll still be hosting Give Aways, Blog Party Events, and Doll Give Aways - as long as there's interest.

I'm looking forward to continuing the fun that we had at the old blog.
In fact - to jump start some Followers and bring back some friends (I really miss my Raggedy Gals) - i think it's a perfect time to have a Pattern Give Away? *claps*

Here's the deal -

* For every 50 Followers R.A.G.S gets - I will have 1 pattern Give Away.
* All names will be put in a basket and winner(s) will be drawn. International peeps are welcome!
* Give R.A.G.S. a shout out on your BLOG - your name goes in twice. Please leave the link in the comments section! I'll confirm that you've been added a 2nd time!
* Prize Patterns will be announced soon (in a new post). I'm a-hunting now!

Ready ... Set ... Go ... Tell your Raggedy Friends about R.A.G.S.

Grab the Button too . . .

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

Toodles ... ~S~


  1. Hi There!
    Thanks for being a follower")
    I see you are a doll maker also.
    I am anxious to get back ...recovering from hand surgery ughh!

  2. What fun! I'm glad to see you again and find out what's new with you! I'll get the button on soon! Have fun! ♥

  3. HI Sandy! glad to see you up and running again!

  4. Yayyy - there y'all are! I've missed ya bunches! Woohoo! :) Welcome Back & Welcome Home!

  5. Thanks for sending me your new link!!
    I'm followin' and I added your button to my blog's side bar. :)


  6. Well hello!! thanks for the email. I have joined in and added the button to my blog sidebar. I checked out the old blog just a few days ago, hoping I hadnt missed anything. Looking forward to all the fun.. Hugs Lisa

  7. Buttons on the blog ;)
    Hugs Sherrie

  8. Count me in as a follower! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with your "give-aways". It's always fun to try to win.

  9. Hello from another Raggedy Ann lover!
    I am grabbing your button! :)


  10. What a cute site, will definately share with a fellow raggedy lover

  11. Hi! I love raggedy dolls too! I'm a follower and I'll post your button on my blog. Please enter me in your give away. By the way, I'm having a give away too! Come and check out my blog and enter at


  12. Hi, I just joined as a follower too. I will add your button to my sidebar.


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